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Q218689BRWikimedia disambiguation page
Q110486158Antarcticaacademic chapter
Q112622968Antarctica2020 film directed by Keith Bearden
Q404713BelgiumWikimedia disambiguation page
Q347577BELWikimedia disambiguation page
Q899086BrasilThe Manhattan Transfer album
Q899371Brasilmythical island
Q1316093Antarctica1983 film by Koreyoshi Kurahara
Q1658699Belgiumtown in Wisconsin, United States
Q2025327Belgiumvillage in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
Q2603341BE2004 album by Pain of Salvation
Q2607052Antarcticasoundtrack by Vangelis to the film "Nankyoku Monogatari"
Q2894385Belgiumunincorporated community in West Virginia, United States
Q2923981BrazilWikimedia disambiguation page
Q104211813Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan (AGSA 20202P2)
Q104882163Brasilrestaurant in Texas, United States
Q106923991Antarcticascientific article
Q108585049🇧🇷emoji regional indicator sequence
Q108585108🇧🇪emoji regional indicator sequence
Q84919065Belgiumscientific article published on 01 April 1929
Q84919644Belgiumscientific article published on 01 July 1929
Q84919979Belgiumscientific article published on 01 September 1929
Q84920480Belgiumscientific article published on 01 November 1929
Q84921518Belgiumscientific article published on 01 April 1930
Q84921981Belgiumscientific article published on 01 June 1930
Q84923047Belgiumscientific article published on 01 December 1930
Q84923723Belgiumscientific article published on 01 March 1931
Q84924400Belgiumscientific article published on 01 July 1931
Q84926236Belgiumscientific article published on 01 March 1932
Q84927842Belgiumscientific article published on 01 December 1932
Q85741919Antarctica1991 IMAX film documenting the continent of Antarctica
Q87282875Antarcticaepisode of In Our Time
Q87694710Belgiumscientific article published on 01 November 1987
Q87703057Belgiumscientific article published on 01 December 1987
Q88282987Brasil2019 single by EOB
Q94100357brHTML element
Q95572736Belgiumscholarly article published 30 August 2019
Q99291242Antarcticacontinent of Antarctica as depicted in Star Trek
Q99299913Belgiumthe country of Belgium as depicted in Star Trek
Q103951258Antarcticapainting by Richard Estes
Q2924169BrazilFrench monthly film magazine
Q3284268BrasilRatos de Porão album
Q3459064Antarcticascience fiction novel
Q3643794Brasildistrict in Santa Ana canton, San José province, Costa Rica
Q4095706Brazil1994 novel by John Updike
Q4771027Antarcticaalbum by The Secret Handshake
Q4771028Antarcticaband from New York, United States of America
Q4836315BRAWikimedia disambiguation page
Q25057Brazil1985 dystopian film by Terry Gilliam
Q64827198Antarcticafree game engine
Q67210045BrasilMonument in the city of Rio de Janeiro
Q71872260Belgiumjournal article; published in Nature on 2006-2
Q74200428Antarcticajournal article; published in Nature on 2018-06-13
Q77575932Antarcticapainting by Vicky Colombet
Q84918599Belgiumscientific article published on 01 March 1929
Q4882420BelgianWikimedia disambiguation page
Q527700AntarcticaWikimedia disambiguation page
Q4882572Belgiumkingdom as independent state from 1831 to 1914
Q4957796Brasil1988 song performed by Cazuza
Q4958611Brazilunincorporated community in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi
Q4958613Braziltownship in Jackson County, Kentucky
Q4958616Brazil1944 film by Joseph Santley
Q4958619Brazil2000 studio album by Rosemary Clooney with John Pizzarelli
Q4958621Brazil2012 book by Michael Palin
Q4958622Brazilband from Indiana
Q6633602Antarcticasong performed by Corinne Alal
Q10334975Brasil1983 Niteroi-class training frigate of the Brazilian Navy
Q10965815BE2013 album by Beady Eye
Q13581616Brazil1991 song by Bebi Dol
Q16538879Brazilepisode of Falling Skies (S3 E10)
Q17507699Brasilalbum by João Gilberto
Q18007903Brazilepisode of Law & Order (S20 E18)
Q19072874Belgiumpoem by Florence Earle Coates
Q19072880Belgiumpoem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Q19274268Antarctica2008 film
Q19600592Brazilhuman settlement in United States of America
Q20274905Brasilhuman settlement in Mexico
Q23696434Brasilmountain in Colombia
Q23993525Belgiumencyclopedic article
Q25094860Brazil1975 debut studio album by The Ritchie Family
Q25394978Belgiumnewspaper published in New York
Q28551273Antarcticapainting by Sir Sidney Nolan
Q29716774beprotein-coding gene in the species Drosophila melanogaster
Q31197310Antarcticaalbum by Corinne Alal
Q39301215brprotein-coding gene in the species Drosophila melanogaster
Q48815700Antarcticaalbum by Richie Beirach
Q49388986Antarcticapainting by David Aldera
Q50724952Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan
Q50724976Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan (NGA NGA 2017.229)
Q50725001Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan (NGA NGA 2017.230)
Q50842473Brazilcinema in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Q50916393Brazilpainting by Lucien Hervé
Q54795836BEcell line (Human colon carcinoma)
Q54795839BEcell line (Human melanoma)
Q54798117BRcell line
Q56951093Antarcticascholarly article; Marine Pollution Bulletin

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