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Q4882420BelgianWikimedia disambiguation page
Q6633602Antarcticasong performed by Corinne Alal
Q19072874Belgiumpoem by Florence Earle Coates
Q19072880Belgiumpoem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Q19274268Antarctica2008 film
Q23993525Belgiumencyclopedic article
Q28551273Antarcticapainting by Sir Sidney Nolan
Q29716774beprotein-coding gene in the species Drosophila melanogaster
Q31197310Antarcticaalbum by Corinne Alal
Q39301215brprotein-coding gene in the species Drosophila melanogaster
Q48815700Antarcticaalbum by Richie Beirach
Q49388986Antarcticapainting by David Aldera
Q50724952Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan
Q50724976Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan (NGA NGA 2017.229)
Q50725001Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan (NGA NGA 2017.230)
Q56951093Antarcticascholarly article; Marine Pollution Bulletin
Q56956062Antarcticascientific article published in Science
Q58936646Antarcticascientific article published in Nature
Q58974080Antarcticascholarly article
Q59036799Belgiumscientific article published in Nature
Q60130194Antarcticaencyclopedic article; Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, 2011 Edition
Q60545354Antarcticachapter; Phenology: An Integrative Environmental Science (2013)
Q71872260Belgiumjournal article; published in Nature on 2006-2
Q74200428Antarcticajournal article; published in Nature on 2018-06-13
Q84923723Belgiumscientific article published on 01 March 1931
Q84924400Belgiumscientific article published on 01 July 1931
Q84926236Belgiumscientific article published on 01 March 1932
Q84927842Belgiumscientific article published on 01 December 1932
Q85741919Antarctica1991 IMAX film documenting the continent of Antarctica
Q87282875Antarcticaepisode of In Our Time
Q87694710Belgiumscientific article published on 01 November 1987
Q87703057Belgiumscientific article published on 01 December 1987
Q94100357brHTML element
Q99291242Antarcticacontinent of Antarctica as depicted in Star Trek
Q99299913Belgiumthe country of Belgium as depicted in Star Trek
Q103951258Antarcticapainting by Richard Estes
Q104211813Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan (AGSA 20202P2)
Q106923991Antarcticascientific article
Q108585049🇧🇷emoji regional indicator sequence
Q108585108🇧🇪emoji regional indicator sequence
Q77575932Antarcticapainting by Vicky Colombet
Q84918599Belgiumscientific article published on 01 March 1929
Q84919065Belgiumscientific article published on 01 April 1929
Q84919644Belgiumscientific article published on 01 July 1929
Q84919979Belgiumscientific article published on 01 September 1929
Q84920480Belgiumscientific article published on 01 November 1929
Q84921518Belgiumscientific article published on 01 April 1930
Q84921981Belgiumscientific article published on 01 June 1930
Q84923047Belgiumscientific article published on 01 December 1930
Q5545917George Washingtonnamed passenger train of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
Q5545919George Washingtonthoroughbred racehorse
Q5652286Happiness1917 American comedy-drama film directed by Reginald Barker
Q338351Maltariver in Carinthia, Austria
Q341316Diego VelázquezWikimedia disambiguation page
Q1030498President BushWikimedia disambiguation page
Q1206239DeutschlandTrain ferry, built in 1953
Q1206244Deutschlandmotor ship
Q1234777DogsGerman lifestyle magazine
Q2052807ChinaSuperleague Formula team
Q496290Pasta2010 South Korean TV series
Q586680George Washington1984 television miniseries
Q838916Velascohuman settlement in Texas, United States of America
Q899147BrazilianWikimedia disambiguation page
Q1017464Bushautomobile manufacturer
Q1017468Bushtown in Louisiana, United States
Q5652291Happiness1956 Mexican drama film by Alfonso Corona Blake
Q5652293Happiness2007 film by Hur Jin-ho
Q5652309HappinessBritish sitcom
Q5804543VelascoSpanish destroyer
Q5807368Germanvillage in Shahrud County, Iran
Q5892155Happinessepisode of Wilfred (S1 E1)
Q6055421InternetWikimedia disambiguation page
Q6160060Velascohuman settlement in Spain
Q6555382LionBritish weekly comic
Q6555383Lion2006 Malayalam film directed by Joshiy
Q6555388Lion16th century class of warships from Scotland
Q6744645MaltaVillage Development Committee in Kosi in Nepal
Q6981738PTfloatplane series by the Naval Aircraft Factory
Q7120269PRCcontainer format for code databases in Palm OS, Garnet OS and Access Linux Platform
Q7199944Pizza2005 film by Mark Christopher
Q7199946PizzaAustralian comedy television series
Q7232531Portugalconstituency of the European Parliament
Q19884475Lionpainting by Morris Hirshfield
Q19924503George Washingtonpainting by Charles Willson Peale (Metropolitan Museum of Art 97.33)
Q19924612George Washingtonpainting by Adolph Ulrich Wertmuller
Q19924633George Washingtonpainting by Anna Claypoole Peale
Q19924713George Washingtonpainting by Charles Peale Polk
Q32989826Lionsculpture of a lion on a stair step support
Q33700518Happinessscientific article
Q35267157Portugalstream in Sofala Province, Mozambique
Q35400680Velázquezstream in Chihuahua, Mexico
Q35400693Velázquezstream in Chihuahua, Mexico - Geonames ID = 8747466
Q42414934Computercharacter from 2001 film 'The Poof Point'
Q42600502Computercharacter from 2015 film 'How to Build a Better Boy'
Q42882801George Washingtonpainting by Rembrandt Peale (CMoA 89.24)
Q44081175Lionpainting by Pedro Américo
Q20180287George Washingtonpainting by Edward Savage
Q20181588George Washingtonpainting by Gilbert Stuart (NGA, 1954.9.2)
Q20184593George Washingtonpainting by Gilbert Stuart (NGA, 1979.5.1)

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