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Q4882420BelgianWikimedia disambiguation page
Q6633602Antarcticasong performed by Corinne Alal
Q19072874Belgiumpoem by Florence Earle Coates
Q19072880Belgiumpoem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Q110486158Antarcticaacademic chapter
Q112622968Antarctica2020 film directed by Keith Bearden
Q114029532BEMLM company
Q114471442Antarcticaepisode of The Guardian (S3 E22)
Q117028143African Lionbulk carrier built in 2013
Q50724976Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan (NGA NGA 2017.229)
Q50725001Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan (NGA NGA 2017.230)
Q56951093Antarcticascholarly article; Marine Pollution Bulletin
Q104211813Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan (AGSA 20202P2)
Q106923991Antarcticascientific article
Q108585108🇧🇪emoji regional indicator sequence
Q110359103Antarcticaship built in 1958
Q19274268Antarctica2008 film directed by Yair Hochner
Q23993525Belgiumencyclopedic article
Q29716774beprotein-coding gene in the species Drosophila melanogaster
Q31197310Antarcticaalbum by Corinne Alal
Q48815700Antarcticaalbum by Richie Beirach
Q49388986Antarcticapainting by David Aldera
Q50724952Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan
Q56956062Antarcticascientific article published in Science
Q58090803Belgiumscholarly article published December 1963 in Adelphi Papers
Q58163426Belgiumscholarly article by BENOIT RIHOUX et al published December 2011 in European Journal of Political Research
Q58163434Belgiumscholarly article by BENOÎT RIHOUX et al published 17 November 2010 in European Journal of Political Research
Q58936646Antarcticascientific article published in Nature
Q58974080Antarcticascholarly article
Q60130194Antarcticaencyclopedic article; Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, 2011 Edition
Q60545354Antarcticachapter; Phenology: An Integrative Environmental Science (2013)
Q74200428Antarcticajournal article; published in Nature on 2018-06-13
Q77575932Antarcticapainting by Vicky Colombet
Q83639145Belgienship built in 1954
Q85741919Antarctica1991 IMAX film documenting the continent of Antarctica
Q87282875Antarcticaepisode of In Our Time
Q99291242Antarcticacontinent of Antarctica as depicted in Star Trek
Q103951258Antarcticapainting by Richard Estes
Q5807368Germanvillage in Shahrud County, Iran
Q5892155Happinessepisode of Wilfred (S1 E1)
Q6055421InternetWikimedia disambiguation page
Q6555382LionBritish weekly comic
Q6555383Lion2006 Malayalam film directed by Joshiy
Q6555388Lion16th century class of warships from Scotland
Q20187966George Washingtonpainting by Rembrandt Peale (NGA, 1942.7.1)
Q20188407George Washingtonpainting by Rembrandt Peale (NGA, 1947.17.16)
Q20197129Chinapainting by Andrew Spence
Q20197888George Washingtonpainting by William Matthew Prior
Q20202745George Washingtonpainting by Rembrandt Peale (Famsf, 69.30.214)
Q77813757Internetscientific article published on 01 March 1999
Q77894031Bushpainting by George Kenyon
Q78671558George Washingtonpainting by Gilbert Stuart (SLAM 362:1923)
Q78671737George Washingtonpainting by Rembrandt Peale (SLAM 30:2014)
Q78680138George Washingtonpainting by Gilbert Stuart (Toledo 1933.34)
Q20177856George Washingtonpainting by Robert Field
Q20180287George Washingtonpainting by Edward Savage
Q20181588George Washingtonpainting by Gilbert Stuart (NGA, 1954.9.2)
Q20184593George Washingtonpainting by Gilbert Stuart (NGA, 1979.5.1)
Q10923556joyone of the Seven Emotions as classified in ancient China (喜)
Q11222185Happinessalbum by Maki Ohguro
Q11223029Happiness2006 single by Hideaki Tokunaga
Q11346286LionYusuke Kamiji song
Q11571123DogJapanese chess piece
Q11617949ChinaJapanese mangaka
Q11692563DNAPolish record producer
Q11855683DNAa musical group
Q12276229George Washingtonstreet in Sofia, Bulgaria
Q12750187Germanmountain in Macedonia
Q12898260George Washingtonplace in Villa Clara, Cuba
Q13039329Germanvillage in Lekaj, Albania
Q16175460HappinessSouth Korean television series (1995)
Q16248918Lionsspecial police unit in Macedonia
Q16385908Happinessplay by David Williamson
Q16538879Brazilepisode of Falling Skies (S3 E10)
Q17182872George Washingtonbronze statue by John Quincy Adams Ward
Q17219209happy2008 single
Q18007903Brazilepisode of Law & Order (S20 E18)
Q18151573Germanyunincorporated community in Clark County, Indiana
Q18574218George Washingtonpainting by Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller
Q20491207George Washingtonpainting by Edward Dalton Marchant
Q20500695George Washingtonpainting by Charles Willson Peale (American Art, XX108B)
Q20539851George Washingtonpainting by Henry Brintnell Bounetheau
Q20634846George Washingtonpainting by Francis Alexander
Q3643794Brasildistrict in Santa Ana canton, San José province, Costa Rica
Q3833166LionVenetian family
Q3839160GermanyHetalia character
Q4137241Germanbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church
Q4137245GermanRussian priest (1828-1895)
Q4516023Chinariver in Orenburg Oblast, Russia
Q5001351Bushhamlet in Bude-Stratton, Cornwall, England, UK
Q5099551Chinaepisode of The Office (S7 E10)
Q5288152Dog2001 Animated short by Suzie Templeton
Q5378653Lion1557 warship
Q5545913George Washingtonchildren's book by Genevieve Foster
Q5545917George Washingtonnamed passenger train of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway

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