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Q110359103Antarcticaship built in 1958
Q110486158Antarcticaacademic chapter
Q112622968Antarctica2020 film directed by Keith Bearden
Q114029532BEMLM company
Q114471442Antarcticaepisode of The Guardian (S3 E22)
Q117028143African LionBulk carrier built in 2013
Q90585911th montheleventh month of the Chinese calendar
Q6633602Antarcticasong performed by Corinne Alal
Q19274268Antarctica2008 film directed by Yair Hochner
Q28551273Antarcticapainting by Sir Sidney Nolan
Q29716774beprotein-coding gene in the species Drosophila melanogaster
Q31197310Antarcticaalbum by Corinne Alal
Q48815700Antarcticaalbum by Richie Beirach
Q49388986Antarcticapainting by David Aldera
Q50724952Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan
Q50724976Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan (NGA NGA 2017.229)
Q50725001Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan (NGA NGA 2017.230)
Q56951093Antarcticascholarly article; Marine Pollution Bulletin
Q56956062Antarcticascientific article published in Science
Q58936646Antarcticascientific article published in Nature
Q58974080Antarcticascholarly article
Q60130194Antarcticaencyclopedic article; Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, 2011 Edition
Q60545354Antarcticachapter; Phenology: An Integrative Environmental Science (2013)
Q74200428Antarcticajournal article; published in Nature on 2018-06-13
Q77575932Antarcticapainting by Vicky Colombet
Q85741919Antarctica1991 IMAX film documenting the continent of Antarctica
Q87282875Antarcticaepisode of In Our Time
Q99291242Antarcticacontinent of Antarctica as depicted in Star Trek
Q103951258Antarcticapainting by Richard Estes
Q104211813Antarcticapainting by Sidney Nolan (AGSA 20202P2)
Q106923991Antarcticascientific article
Q2990861Germanvillage in central western Bulgaria
Q3430997MaltaVillage Development Committee in Bagmati in Nepal
Q3643794Brasildistrict in Santa Ana canton, San José province, Costa Rica
Q3833166LionVenetian family
Q3839160GermanyHetalia character
Q4137241Germanbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church
Q4137245GermanRussian priest (1828-1895)
Q4317969Netriver in Orenburg Oblast, Russia
Q4516023Chinariver in Orenburg Oblast, Russia
Q4882420BelgianWikimedia disambiguation page
Q26325403Chinajournal article published in 1986
Q338351Maltariver in Carinthia, Austria
Q586680George Washington1984 television miniseries
Q899147BrazilianWikimedia disambiguation page
Q1017464Bushautomobile manufacturer
Q1017468Bushtown in Louisiana, United States
Q1206239DeutschlandTrain ferry, built in 1953
Q1206242Deutschlandscrapped German passenger ship
Q1206244Deutschlandmotor ship built in 1972
Q1234777DogsGerman lifestyle magazine
Q2052807ChinaSuperleague Formula team
Q2635930GermanSouth Slavic mythological being
Q5652309HappinessBritish sitcom
Q5807368Germanvillage in Shahrud County, Iran
Q5892155Happinessepisode of Wilfred (S1 E1)
Q6055421InternetWikimedia disambiguation page
Q20181588George Washingtonpainting by Gilbert Stuart (NGA, 1954.9.2)
Q20184593George Washingtonpainting by Gilbert Stuart (NGA, 1979.5.1)
Q20187966George Washingtonpainting by Rembrandt Peale (NGA, 1942.7.1)
Q20188407George Washingtonpainting by Rembrandt Peale (NGA, 1947.17.16)
Q20197129Chinapainting by Andrew Spence
Q20197888George Washingtonpainting by William Matthew Prior
Q80004261Dogenamel by unknown artist (1930.296)
Q80004740Lionsculpture by unknown artist (1930.642)
Q80004742Lionsculpture by unknown artist (1930.642.a)
Q80004747Lionsculpture by unknown artist (1930.643)
Q80004750Lionsculpture by unknown artist (1930.643.a)
Q80015247Liondrawing by John Macallan Swan (British, 1847-1910) (1940.735)
Q80023290George Washingtonprint by Edward Savage (American, 1761-1817) (1954.326)
Q80034385Lionceramic by unknown artist (1962.385.1)
Q80034388Lionceramic by unknown artist (1962.385.2)
Q80041430Lionsculpture by unknown artist (1965.323.1)
Q80041432Lionsculpture by unknown artist (1965.323.2)
Q83560183George Washingtonbust by Horatio Greenough (MET, 84.8.2)
Q83603297Germanship built in 1992
Q83632426Lionship built in 1994
Q83639145Belgienship built in 1954
Q84597218Computersscientific article published on 01 November 1991
Q84891048Maltascientific article published on 01 April 1912
Q84892459Maltascientific article published on 01 March 1913
Q84918599Belgiumscientific article published on 01 March 1929
Q23993525Belgiumencyclopedic article
Q24197184HappinessJapanese manga series
Q24697380Chinariver in Ghana
Q25303000China2016 film directed by Harsha
Q25339018DNABritish television crime drama
Q20202745George Washingtonpainting by Rembrandt Peale (Famsf, 69.30.214)
Q20233549Chinahuman settlement in Mexico
Q20266781George Washingtonpainting by Edward Savage (Artic, 1921.88)
Q20274905Brasilhuman settlement in Mexico
Q20275642Chinahuman settlement in Mexico
Q20424736Dogpainting by Karel Appel
Q49974495Happiness2008 film
Q50394617Dogspainting by Margaret Rarru
Q50761985Dogpainting by Arnold Peter Weisz-Kubínčan
Q50808407ComputersAcademic journal published by MDPI AG , covering the subjects: Science: Mathematics: Instruments and machines: Electronic computers. Computer science
Q51155131Happinessepisode of Wilfred (S4 E10)
Q51845603Happiness1964 single by Ken Dodd

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